Specialist Geoscience Editing

Geoscience Editing for the World

Red ink blue ink editing offers a high quality, specialist geoscience editing service for scientists who wish to publish their research in English language journals, but require some additional editorial help. Our business is tailored to non-native Englsih speaking scientists and we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and confidential service. Our native English speaking editors are experienced geoscientists who understand the complexities and pitfalls of writing English as a second language.

Our editing philosophy is that your ideas should be the focus and we ensure that they are expressed clearly and in natural sounding English, giving you the greatest chance of success in the peer-review process.

Boost your Impact

In the education and research sector the world over, the ‘publish or perish’ paradigm has been replaced by the cut-throat world of Metrics. Now it is not just a matter of how much you publish — but where — that is important. Journal Impact Factor, Citation Index and Cited Half-Life can all have a major influence on career advancement. Don’t let problems with grammar and expression stand in the way of publishing your research in high impact English language journals.

Whether you want to publish your latest research in an English language journal, have a poster, abstract or presentation for an international conference, or need help ironing out the kinks in your thesis, we have our red pen at the ready.

Clear and concise expression of complex ideas is our forte.